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Client Sticky BBQ: Hatfield Centre, Pretoria.

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

The Industrial Design of a Fast Food Franchise that Serves Sticky BBQ Ribs, Burgers and Fries


Design Code was recently tasked with setting up an existing franchise called Sticky BBQ in their new store in Pretoria. The franchise already had an existing brand color scheme, furniture, lighting and point of sale counter design. Our team carried over the brand’s look and feel into their new franchise store.

The main challenge we faced was creating a functional design within a tight space. We assisted the brand by offering a furniture layout for the front of the house, a kitchen layout for the back of the house, a full lighting and electrical layout, plumbing and ceiling layout, and finishes and specifications.

The client, a BEE level one franchise creator, had a clear vision for the franchise and collaborated closely with our team throughout the project. We began by creating a functional kitchen layout that maximizes efficiency and flow, which was essential for the smooth running of the fast food outlet. We also designed a visually appealing point of sale, and comfortable seating arrangements for the customers. We ensured to keep the brand’s bold and colorful accents throughout the space, to make the outlet recognisable, and to maintain the brand identity.

The final outcome was a space that was bright, open, and inviting. The before and after photos clearly demonstrate the transformation that took place. The franchise has seen an improvement in overall performance since the completion of the project.

The client was thrilled with the final outcome and has plans to continue working with us on future projects to keep the franchise growing and evolving.

Overall, this project was a great example of how a well-designed space can have a positive impact on a business. We're excited to continue working with the client and the Sticky BBQ franchise to bring their vision to life.

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