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Client: Flic Properties, Lenasia, Johannesburg South

Making a difference through design


Design Code recently had the opportunity to help a client design a complex in Lenasia. Lenasia is a predominantly Muslim community and our client, who is also a member of this community, was deeply affected by the common occurrence of divorced women being left without financial support. In this community, it's found that 99% of the time when couples get divorced, the men are the breadwinners, leaving the women in a vulnerable position. Our client wanted to give back to his community by building very low-cost housing in Lenasia for divorced women and their kids to stay and rent at a low cost. The goal was to provide a safe and affordable living space for these women, who often find themselves without financial support after a divorce.

The complex boasts a welcoming entrance with a fountain and an exterior made up of face brick and black doors. The design of the exterior was carefully thought out to create a sense of security and privacy, while still being inviting. The interior design features all grey finishes, including a full grey kitchen fitout, which adds a sense of elegance and sophistication. The custom furnishings in the lounge are comfortable and cozy, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for the residents.

In the bedrooms, we created a unique cutout diamond pattern headboard in two tone greys, adding an element of elegance to the space. The bedrooms are designed to be a place of rest and tranquility, with a color palette that is soothing and calming. The bedrooms also come fully furnished, providing the residents with everything they need to make the space feel like home.

The space comes fully furnished and is available for rent at a low cost. It is our hope that this project will make a positive impact in the Lenasia community by providing support for divorced women and their children during a difficult time. Our client's goal was not only to provide a roof over their heads but also to give them a sense of community and belonging. We believe that by providing a comfortable, affordable and safe living space, we are helping to empower these women and their children to move forward in life.

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