Client: Mo-Ez Fusion Restaurant, Protea Avenue, Lenasia.

Updated: Apr 13


No Doubts - Dive in, Head First

Client: Mo-Ez Fusion

Location: 2 Protea Avenue, Lenasia

Design: Turkish Restaurant Design

The Mo-Ez Restaurant is turkish themed and our client had a beautiful, passionate story behind his need to open the restaurant. We were inspired to bring his passion to life by giving him a restaurant which offered a fusion of Turkish and Arabian food, offering a menu that represents a style or method of cooking, especially as characteristic of Middle Eastern establishment. Design Code HH, aimed at creating a look and feel that ties in with Turkish and/or Middle Eastern way of life and/or Arabian style with a kitchen area which allowed for entertainment, aesthetics and theatrical display.

The moment you start to realise that nothing is unattainable thats when you get to soar high, have no doubts about your capabilities and dive in head first. You will not have all the answers, you will not have it all figured out. However, you will ascend along the journey.

Design Code is proud to introduce Mo-Ez as one of our babies: the space had no bounderies and boasts in heavy texture, an elegant mixture of gold hues and turquiose blue. The combination of the two colours is reminiscent to the modern turkish look and feel. The gold centered lighting gave character to the space and became one of the focal points. In addition, we have the counter that's illuminated from the entire countertop which automatically adds a subtle impression. The goal behind having a huge artwork behind the smoothie bar counter was to give the space a sense of youth flavour in creating a balance by breaking away from being classy and adding a youthful energy.

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