Client: Libertas SA, Rivonia Boulevard

Updated: Apr 12

Everything Interior Design & Choosing a Winning Attitude.


This may not be Design Code's first interior design project but I want this project to be a brand ambassador of my trials, my failures and my accomplishments. I want to start this project blogging chapter on this special design and continue an ever growing experience with my readers.

Designing an interior from start to finish can be daunting. It's having to take those ideas from inside your head and clearly detailing them on paper in order for those design to come to life in the same way you invisioned. The best approach is to trust yourself no matter how big or how small the project may be - just fall inlove with the process and that's how you come up with the best ideas. Above all, never feel intimidated no matter your level of experience.

When you have a winner's attitude you will succeed at everything you do. Prior to venturing out on my own - I was fortunate to learn from the best restaurant design company in the game. I interned for them for a year and acquired a permenant position in the Specifications and Development department. This may not have been my ideal position but I was hungry to learn. I had graduated university with full Architectural Draughting and 3D Rendering skills but I was never given the opportunity to present them in this company even after asking as years went by. So my message to you is to never ever get comfortable and never accept restrictions.

When Design Code got 344 Rivonia Boulevard as a project, there was nothing in this space, it was merely a whitebox of an estimate of 360sqm. The client was truly amazing and made my job easy albeit I had to teach them how to trust me. Remember to always guide. Therefore I liked that they had an idea of their ideal layout and were open to my professional input and guidance to making it practical. After doing your research to guide your thoughts it becomes easier to figure out what you can achieve within the space. But hey, never forget to keep the budget in mind like what I did on this one. Our unrealistic budget went from 400K to almost 1,2M. Let that soak in, lucky for me my client was sold by my 3D designs and understood the look he would get.

After packaging the working drawings, finishes and signage manual, I thought I was done and moving on to the next gig. But Nope, my client had other plans for me, which was to Project Manage and Build his offices. Bear in mind that this is a completely different profession. Now when you move fearlessly in your game and show up to anything with a winner's attitude you will always succeed. I chose to say yes, and here we go, Design Code is now fully capable of offering not only Design services but Project Management services and full Build services simply because of that fearless attitude we were able to widen our horizon.

I want you to remeber that everything happens perfectly in it's time. Remember mistakes will happen along the way. Ensure to equip yourself, stand confident in your prime and brave enough to find solutions to those issues. Solutions that will not cost you and your company along the way.

Chase your dreams, stay truthful and honest in your light.

Until next time...

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