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Client: Libertas SA, Rivonia Boulevard

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Designing Dreams to Reality: A Journey Through Interior Design


Designing an interior from start to finish can be a daunting task. The challenge is to take the ideas in your head and clearly translate them onto paper in order to bring them to life as you envision them. The key is to trust yourself, no matter how big or small the project may be, and to fall in love with the process. This is how you come up with the best ideas. And above all, don't be intimidated by your level of experience.

At Design Code, we are proud to present our latest interior design project. This project holds a special significance to us as it represents the culmination of our trials, failures, and successes as designers. We aim to use this project as a way to connect with our readers and continue to share our design journey with them.

Designing an interior can be daunting, but the key is to trust yourself and never be intimidated by your level of experience. I was fortunate to learn from the best restaurant design company in the industry, interning with them for a year and eventually earning a permanent position in the Specifications and Development department. However, I learned that it's important to never get too comfortable and never accept restrictions.

When we were given the opportunity to design 344 Rivonia Boulevard, we had to start from scratch with a blank space of 360 sqm. The client was great to work with and trusted us, but it was important to guide them through the process and keep the budget in mind. Our initial budget of 400K quickly ballooned to 1.2M, but the client was sold on our 3D designs and understood the final look we were aiming for.

After completing the working drawings, finishes, and signage manual, I thought we were done, but the client had other plans for us. They asked us to also manage and build the offices. This was a new challenge for us, but we were fearless and took it on. This experience has allowed us to expand our services beyond just design and now offer project management and full build services.

I want to remind you that everything happens in its own time. Mistakes will happen along the way, but it's important to be equipped and confident enough to find solutions that won't cost you or your company. Always chase your dreams, stay true to yourself, and have a winner's attitude.

Chase your dreams, stay truthful and honest in your light.

Until next time...

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