Client: Premier Health Centre, Blairgowrie, Randburg.

Updated: Apr 13


Challenges and Enduring Them.

Client: Premier Health Centre Pharmacy

Location: 12 Mackay Avenue, Blairgowrie

Design: Pharmacy Design

Design is a journey, the reality is you taking a visualisation from your mind with the aim of birthing this idea into the real world. You draw down all these ideas on paper with the right amount of information in hopes that the builder can carry over and see exactly whats on your mind. It's pretty tricky.

In terms of the design we looked at creating a shift from the standard clinical or gorvemrnt pharmacutical look. We chose to add more character by playing around with material and lighting.

Our pharmacy design scope was to handle the design, project management, and the build, However, possibly our most difficult build. This site and it's many challenges taught us how to deliver by any means necessary and groomed our character as a team. The lesson was structuring and its importance. Once you figure out what works for you and your team, no delivery time is impossible.

To save on cost we kept the same flooring, however everything else was relooked. We played around with the wall space to create feature retail shelves held up by industrial pipes. Further, to bring in warmth and life into the spaces we played around with a grey finished wood and introduced greenery, in doing so, automatically the space felt less clinical. See below our before video:

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